There are no lazy, withdrawn, aggresive or angry children; only children who are denied the ability to learn in a way that is natural to them." PAUL E. DENNISON Edu-K quote
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Brain Gym® in South Africa is the only training centre in South Africa, which teaches the internationally recognised Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology Learning Track and is locally accredited too.

Brain Gym in South Africa NPC is a non-profit organisation. our registration number is 2013 /142570 /08
Brain Gym in South Africa is accredited with the ETDP SETA. Our Accreditation no is ETDP10122
Brain Gym in South Africa is also accredited with SACE (South Africa Council of Educators). Our registration no is: PR10846 

Two great International Teachers are visiting our shores in 2016 Click Here for more information

Suzanna Amanor-Wilks is teaching The MNRI Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration course in March 2016. With CPD points for HPCSA members
Dr. Carla Hannaford is teaching physiology classes in October 2016

What is Brain Gym ®? Watch this example of Brain Gym

In a nutshell, Brain Gym® is a series of quick, fun and energising activities used in a balance to make all types of learning in life easier and eliminate barriers. The student is facilitated through their unique process by a facilitator. No special equipment needed. Brain Gym ® is used to activate highest performance potential and increased self-esteem that will fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Brain Gym® is recognised in more than thirty eight countries around the world and has changed many people’s lives in a positive way over the last few decades, and in South Africa for over twenty years.

urg  Using specialised techniques to diffuse the barriers. Brain Gym ® creates a bridge for new learning or action.

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein


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What is Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K)?

Educational Kinesiology, (Edu-K) stands for Learning through movement. We use Edu-K to assist clients to unlock their potential. We do this by formulating goals and finding out what is internally blocking the client from reaching his/her goals. We use specialised techniques, including the Brain Gym exercises, to diffuse the blocks. This creates a bridge for new learning or action. An Edu-K consultation is called a Brain Gym Balance.

With the exercises and the one-on-one balances (consultations) we have achieved successes in a wide range of subjects. See below for some examples of what issues can be addressed

  • ADD/HD
  • Trauma
  • Low self esteem
  • Difficult relationships
  • Allergies
  • Motivation
  • Low energy
  • Job stress

How is the Brain Gym® program distinctive in schools?

Here is a simple example of how Brain Gym® activities integrated an eight year old learner to improve the accuracy of drawing of a wrist watch. This example clearly indicates the difference Brain Gym® activities can quickly make a change. We have seen improvements in handwriting, in the ability to do maths, in social skills, etc. Not only do the learners benefit, the teachers benefit as well. When they do the exercises with the children, they are integrated too and can handle the stresses of teaching much better.

Before Brain Gym

After Brain Gym

What can Edu-K and Brain Gym® do for individuals, our community & society?

The diagram below is an illustration of how we change our society, by changing the individuals. As people get the opportunity to build self-esteem and unlock their potential, they share and help each other more. They uplift the people around them and thus affect their community. When more communities are affected, the more they influence society.

In other words: the more people use Edu-K and Brain Gym ® the greater the influence on our society will be.

You can use Edu-K and Brain Gym ® by either coming for an individual consultation or enter the learning track and learn to apply these powerful techniques yourself.

If you want to come for consultations, go to the practitioners list and find a person in your area. If you want to learn Brain Gym ® and Edu-K then find a trainer in your area from the trainer's list.


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