There are no lazy, withdrawn, aggresive or angry children; only children who are denied the ability to learn in a way that is natural to them." PAUL E. DENNISON Edu-K quote

Learning Track and 250-hour Internship explained

(We have halved our internship hours from 500 to 250 hours)

Basic Learning Track

Level 1
Number Course Name Days Pre Requisites & Facilitators
1 Neuro Integration Movements (NIM) 2 A Passion for Learning - All Instructors
2 Brain Gym®101 (BG1) 4 NIM - All Instructors
Level 2 - Can be done in random order

In Depth - 7 Dimensions of Intelligence (IN7)

5 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson, Fida Prinsloo and Hanna Kok

Optimal Brain Organisation (OBO)


3 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Annette Ueckermann, Fida Prinsloo, Hanna Kok

Elective Courses.
Any courses, listed under "Additional Courses" can be used to fill these 3 days. Any extra days attended will count towards your internship.

3 Prerequisites for the elective courses are listed below
Level 3
6 Practitioner Module 1 (PM1) 3 1. NIM
2. BG101
3. In-depth
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson, Hanna Kok, Fida Prinsloo
7 Practitioner Module 2 (PM2) 1 Course 1 - 6
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson, Hanna Kok, Fida Prinsloo
8 Teacher Practicum (TPM) 4 Courses 1-6
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson, Hanna Kok, Fida Prinsloo
Additional Courses in Alphabetical Order
  Annual Conference (ZAC) 1 Open to everybody. Our next conference 13 Sept 2014
  Basic Optimal Nutrition (BON) 2 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson
  Brain & Brawn (BNB) 2 A desire to use physical exercise to switch-on our Brain & Brawn. It gives us tools how to balance ourselves easily and also bring Brain Gym into Sport.
Facilitator: Hanna Kok
  Brain Gym for Babies (B4B) 1 A desire to give your child the best. Advisable to have done NIM
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson, Annette Ueckermann
  Early Childhood Reflexes and Reactions (ECR) 2 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson
  From Victim to Master (was Relationships) (REL) 2 A desire to take charge of your own life, build self esteem and form healthy relationships others.
Facilitator: Hanna Kok
  From Vision to Reality (V2R) 2

1. Relationships
2. A desire to make our dreams a reality.
Facilitator: Hanna Kok

  Hands On - Ideas How to Use Brain Gym in the Class Room Beyond. (HOB) 2

A desire to use Brain Gym in a fun way in the class room
Facilitator: Isabel Cohen, Marcelle Shaman

  Kids Play (KID) 2 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Suzaan Wessels
  Living your Senses (LYS) 2 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson
  Move the Body - Awaken the Mind (MTB) 2 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Fida Prinsloo
  Reclaim the Pleasure of Learning (RPL) 2 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
3. Move the Body
Facilitator: Fida Prinsloo
  Reflexes, Reading and Writing (RRW) 2 1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
3. Early childhood reflexes
Facilitator: Fida Prinsloo
  Swirched on Selling (SOS) 1 Everybody sells something. We sell ideas, time, services and/or products. This course is for those who want to Switch the Brain on for all as aspects of Selling, so that you apply the sales knowledge you have.
Facilitator: Hanna Kok
  Switched on Management (SOM) 1.5 Even though not everybody has a management position at work, everybody is the manager of their own life. This course is foryou if you have the desire to Switch on your Brain for Management, so that you will apply the management knowledge you have.
Facilitator: Hanna Kok
  Triumph over Fear (TOF) 1 A need to overcome fear
Facilitator: Dr Marlize Basson

Touch For Health 1 (T4H1)
Touch For Health 2 (T4H2)
Touch For Health 3 (T4H3)
Touch For Health 4 (T4H4)


Any recognised Touch for Health Trainer

Vision Circles (VCS)



1. NIM
2. Brain Gym® 101
Facilitator: Inalize Ciliers, Marlize Basson, Marcelle Shaman

The following info was taken from the minutes of the Edu-K of South Africa meeting held on the 26th of January 2005 at the NG Church, 5th Street Linden . Adjusted on the 17th of January 2008 and adjusted again 22nd July 2013.. Latest changes were decided on during afaculty meeting 23 April 2014

Edu-K Learning Track & internship requirements

Beginning the Learning Track: Learning Track hours:

750 total hours are required for the complete learning track and are to be accumulated as follows:

250 hours for Prior Learning

250 hours of Edu-K course work:

250 hours of practical internship:

Internship requirements:

Course assignments:

Talks given by a student:

Charging for Services/ Recognition of Prior Learning Policy:


Allocation of hours to courses

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

•  Practitioner Module 1 & 2 32 hrs

•  Teacher Practicum 60 hrs

In order to become a Brain Gym practitioner, you need to complete the whole learning track.

If you want to teach Level 1 courses you are to enter a mentorship program with an experienced trainer. This mentor will be assigned by faculty after consultation between the Trainer to Be, the experienced trainer and faculty.

TOTAL 260 hrs

Additional/Elective courses:

All courses listed under the heading Additional courses and all Internationally accredited course can be used for your elective courses.
The courses can also be used for hours for your internship and for relicensure as a practitioner.

For all additional courses we count 8 hours per day.

The South Africa Brain Gym conference also counts as 8 hours per day


•  Any other Brain Gym® courses that has been approved internationally



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